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Most people have fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table with some board games. Board games are traditional activities in which friends and family members participate in fun-filled, high-spirited competitions of laughter and good will. Favorite board games include Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Risk and the old favourites of chess and checkers.

When you're ready to take a break from the group games and vie for real money prizes online, move to and engage in all the great online casino games at the All Slots online casino.

Board Games

Board games have been a feature of the modern world for thousands of years. One of the first board games was the Royal Game of Ur which was played using a series of 49 small carved and painted stones in ancient Turkey. The Fertile Crescent, comprised of regions around modern Syria, Iraq, Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries also featured dice games that were played with carved knuckle bones, wood, sticks, turtle shells and painted bones. Senet was a preferred game among the Egyptians, including the Pharaohs who painted images of Senet games on their tombs.

The Greeks and Romans continued to play games and by the era of the Greek and Roman Empires these board games were played for money. Some games, such as Mehen, were tied into pagan cults and early religious practices while other types of games, such as the modern game of chess, were inspired by a culture of war. Chess is also one of the games that can also display art since chess pieces are carved and an intricate set of chess pieces, carved from ivory, wood, marble or other substances can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the open market.

Different Types of Games

Board games aren't everyone's "cup of tea" and to meet the different needs of the public, casino operators have been incorporating casino games into their gambling establishments for hundreds of years. Playing at a casino allows a person the ability to enjoy gambling activities in a formal atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Many players enjoy traveling to casinos to play roulette, poker, blackjack and other casino game events but the cost of these types of vacations is prohibitive for many people who prefer to enjoy their gaming pursuits without the additional costs of travel, accommodations and other overhead expenses.

Online Gambling Options

Since the 1990s there has been a new type of alternative for players who look forward to enjoying gambling entertainment in a comfortable and convenient atmosphere. The online casino is available for PC and mobile gamers with hundreds of games, big bonuses, easy ebanking and other types of amenities that provide a leisurely environment for playing old-fashioned card and table games plus the newest and most dynamic slot machines, arcade games, lotteries and variety games.

To play at the online casino you simply open the All Slots Casino website on your smartphone or tablet mobile device or on your laptop or desktop console and create a free account. Link your casino account to your digital bank so that you can make your deposits and withdraw your payouts in your preferred currency.

Then, select your game and start playing.

Online Casino Amenities

One of the reasons that gaming aficionados like to play at the online casino is that they have a huge selection of game choices ranging from traditional card and table games to light-hearted gaming machines. You can play against a machine or you can click on the "Live Dealer" tab and compete against a live dealer for your casino wins.

The casino also offers additional gaming entertainment in the form of tournament play and progressive jackpot games. In both of these types of activities you link your machine to the machines of other participating players and compete against other gamers from around the world for the extra rewards.

Collecting Cash Payouts

Best of all, there are cash payout prizes for all wins on all of the games. You have your choice of playing for free in the Free Mode but once you move to the Real Mode you'll be able to place bets and collect on your game wins.

There's nothing like playing online casino games to increase the fun, the excitement and the rewards of gaming entertainment.

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